Vintage Market & Design® All Natural Waxes

$5.95 - $18.95
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Vintage Market & Design All Natural Waxes

  • All Natural
  • No Toxins
  • No Odor
  • Safe for Pets, Children & Food

Comes in: 

  • Clear
  • White Silk
  • Light Sienna
  • Natural Umber
  • Brown Ocher
  • Dark Umber
  • Black Silk
  • Greystone


Place tin in a warm area so that wax is easy to stir.  Stir thoroughly until the deep, rich earth pigments from the bottom of the tin mix to create a creamy, cake frosting texture.

Use VM&D Tinted Wax to enhance any VM&D Furniture Paint color or directly onto bare wood.  Use as an antiquing medium or to alter the tone of the paint color.  VM&D Waxes will add endurance to your painted surface as well as give depth and richness.  VM&D Waxes can be sealed with any VM&D Clear Coat.