Vintage Market & Design® Sealers- Clear Coat Interior

$4.95 - $29.95
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Vintage Market & Design® Sealers

Water Based Protective Sealers

Comes in:

  • Satin - Soft Lustre
  • Semi-Gloss
  • Gloss
Apply directly over VM&D Furniture Painted surface or over VM&D Waxed Surface.
NOTE*: Our Clear Coat is specifically formulated to 'seal' pieces painted and/or waxed with VM&D products only.
Clean Brush with Warm Water & Soap
Low to No Odor
Milky White in Container-Dries Crystal Clear
Estimated Coverage:
4 Ounce- Coverage=15-20
8 Ounce- Coverage=30-35
16 Ounce- Coverage=60-70 sq ft
32 Ounce- Coverage=120-125 sq ft
* Coverage areas are approximate- Coverage may vary depending on dryness of wood or type of surface being painted.